I applied and was accepted for the 2018 Artist in Residence International Program at the MMCA, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul.
The program  project based and it focuses on presenting the work of emerging contemporary International artists to the Koran audience and to encourage exchange, networking and critical thinking among the artists and curators and arts professionals, based in Seoul.

This blog is the documentation of the residency in form of a diary, keeping track of the evolution of the program as well as of the project  intend to develop while in residency in Changdong, Seoul.

During the course of the next two and half months, I will develop a new series of works, to be exhibited in a show, in one of the two galleries, on the ground floor of the building. These new woks will make use of official statistics, in order to raise questions over the relationship between the contemporary society, in particular the Korean one and its digital representation.