I had a meeting with Prudence Maltby and Susan Francis the other two founder members of Cicatrix. Toby Smith, the director of the Salisbury International Arts Festival has been approached about showing Catherine Farish’s Stonehenge series of prints in the 2017 festival: her work was received with great enthusiasm and it is looking very hopeful that an exhibition will go ahead. A proposal has been put into Atelier Circulaire for an international print version of Cicatrix that will include all six artists from the four Commonwealth countries. There is the possibility of a residency for all six artists at Atelier Circulaire’s print studios; this would afford an exceptional opportunity for all six artists to work together.

Henny meeting with Susan and Prudence


A few of Catherine’s prints from The Stonehenge series


Funding applications are under way to support the international artists’ residencies on Salisbury Plain. Work has been selected by all artists from the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery permanent collection to be included in the final group exhibition to be held there in 2018. There were some interesting crossovers of the selected work, which will add greatly to final exhibition of this four-year project.

Work from the Swindon collection: Head by Tony Bevan, Radioactivitat by Grant Aston and Walking Naked by Steven Pippen.


We also had a meeting at Trowbridge Arts with Dr.Michele Whiting and Fiona Cassidy the curator about a symposium centered around Cicatrix to be held in 2018. It is going to be a busy two years for Cicatrix starting with the exhibition at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant opening in January 2017.

Symposium meeting


Update 26th November 2016:

Toby Smith the director of Salisbury Festival was over in Montreal this month and went to visit Catherine in her studio; it looks like her Stonehenge prints will be exhibited in the 2017 festival.

Toby Smith and Catherine in her studio with the print Salisbury 9

This morning I received an email from Larry Silberman Directeur general at http://www.ateliercirculaire.org to say: “J’ai de bonnes nouvelles, le conseil d’administration, trouve très intéressant la proposition et ils acceptent de présenter l’exposition en Octobre-Novembre 2018.” (I have good news, the board of directors, finds your proposal very interesting and they accept to present the exhibition in October-November 2018”). Fantastic news all 6 artists are invited to not only exhibited in 2018 in Montreal but also to attend artists in residencies at Atelier Circulaire before the exhibition that will include meeting other artists, round tables and exchanges with other institutions or organisations.

I think I can safely say mission accomplished and exciting times ahead for Cicatrix and our international collaborations.

Catherine Farish work in progress for Cicatrix