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My trip to the 1st site gallery was on the Thursday 31st of March. we saw some very interesting works there including words from Andy warhol.the show itself was put on as a collection of work that had been inspired by his work. as you walk around the show you feel uncontrollably pushed from one moment in time to enougher. you feel as though you are walking through a moment of history with the work advancing just like technology. the way in which artist have used to push there work further but keeping in time with the POP show.

one of the works that caught my eye was a collection of magazine covers. i love the way the work was so crisp so cutting and is still the way magazines are laid out ot day. the magazines span 2 years starting in January 1979 – july 1981. Be it a small collection spaced over only a year and a half it gives you a strong glimpse into the world of advertising in this moment in time.

the bold colours leap of the page capturing the viewer’s eye. with a feeling of overpowering bright bold colours (well taking into consideration the technology for mass market production, naturally the colours are far more superior now with things like laser jet printing.) that almost push the viewer back and say, look directly at me nothing else matters right now. and this is only the background. the foreground holds a softer approach showing the use more pastel colour that shows the viewer more detail. with its softer approach tied in with the strong bold statement of the background does well and truly make the hole thing “pop”. the collection of covers span from January 1979 – july 1981. Be it a small collection, spaced over only a year and a half you have enough visual imagerie to build up a picture as to what art was saying to the general public at this moment in time.

the image that stood out to me the most was this particular one. cabinet was the first image. (although i will admit it was the last image that i saw.) it did make a strong bold statement holding my eye for the longest amount of time. this had to be because of the background. the way the yellows blues and pinks glistened across the background in diagonal strokes made the blueness of the eyes of Linda Hutton eyes and cherry red lips do exactly what they was meant to do POP.

yes the mouth is a tad out of proportion with the rest of the face and makes the teeth look like a major part of the focus point, but this radiates character and makes you feel more of a connection with the image. the hand centers the image making you feel like she is relaxed showing her glamour making you want to pick it up and read it. the title isn’t over powering its font is a little hard to read. (not to sure if that’s just me though) placed at the top of the page. the title is in the foreground and used drop shadow to make it stand out and make it eye catching.this use of shadow helps the title not get lost in Linda Hutton hair.