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It may have seemed a little quiet on this blog – but there is lots of post residency work in progress.

The first 8 minutes of a film is available on Vimeo here.  I’m trying to make it about the experience of being on site – rather than a documentary.  So it begins close in with hands digging, then travels through voices and drawings across the site.

Sometimes the ‘scenes’ are linked with an assembled ‘key image’.

I have also been writing the first article for publication.  When it goes public I will post a link.

Meanwhile – back to the studio


The lack of blog for the last few weeks has been due to intense activity preparing for the first exhibitions of the project at 44AD, Bath.

For the month of November, I am featured artist with a display of pictures in the stairwell.  There are 51 small facsimile digital prints from the sketchbooks and watercolours, plus a few film stills.

The slow progress of making a film of drawings with sound has been mentioned in this blog in previous posts. This week I installed the first 8 minutes of the film, with an accompanying wall drawing and found objects relating to the dig. The show will continue until Saturday and comments so far have been very positive.

The film to date is a taster of a longer film to be shown in Orkney next year.  Although there is a lot more to come, it was important to show work in progress so that talks and discussion about my research could take place. I am interested in debating whether perceptual art can contribute to research in archaeology and history.  Last week I showed the project to art students at City of Bath College. This Saturday I will be doing the second of my talks to the general public at 44AD.  Further presentations are planned with local archaeological societies and other groups.


This week I have managed to make three and a half minutes of film.  Some technical problems due to confusion over pixel aspect ratio have delayed further achievement – but things are moving along now.  Here are a few stills from the work to date:

Comments from friends have been favourable so far.


Work continues slowly on preparing images and sound for a film about my Ness of Brodgar residency. I’m aiming to create a ‘painting’ rather than a documentary.

Here is a compilation of drawings, to be used as a key image.  Let’s hope things speed  up next week…