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Yesterday was the first Open Day on the Ness of Brodgar site. We had over 200 visitors in the Art Hut, which meant going out to draw in the trenches was difficult. So I began a repeat of my ‘play’ with rocks that make marks – but even then I only managed two samples.

Today, by contrast, we only had 6 visitors in the Art Hut.

On site two groups of archaeology students arrived to take part in the dig and began work in areas where there is lots to clear, like Trench T.

Meanwhile in Trench Y, they are continuing to search for the edge of the wall that surrounded the whole site.

In the afternoon, the clouds were particularly attractive. The sky in Orkney is very big and I could happily spend time every day painting it in watercolour. Here are two versions of the same view, from the steps of the Art Hut – one on white watercolour paper and the other on Turner’s ‘blue’ paper, with the addition of white body paint.

I’m not sure which I prefer. Best to wait a few days to see them clearly…