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In recovery after the Open Day, so assessed the collection of pigments.

It would be good to complete my ‘picture’ but there are more pressing matters during this final week. Having said that, I find my playing with pigment becoming involved in some more seriously research on behalf of the dig – experimenting with the longevity of marks made on rocks.

Two weeks ago Martha, the Rock Lady, shared a piece of red sandstone by breaking it on a piece of paving. There has been substantial rain since then but the colour remains. I had already decided to leave some pigment ground in beef fat exposed outside over winter. Martha tells me there would have been lots of eggs around here in the Neolithic. So, encouraged by Anne (Project Officer and head of Finds), the plan now is to leave samples of dry pigment, plus the same mixed with beef fat, egg white, egg yolk and whole egg.

Meanwhile, getting back to drawing, I am concentrating on a few gaps in certain stories – notably in Trench Y, where I hope to complete a history of the trench from start to finish.

Back filling has continued almost up to the remaining archaeology, which is being planned (drawn) and cleaned (scraped to remove debris).

But there are still potentially interesting things being discovered. They have another two days before a final decision will be made, on whether to fill in or if there is more to be investigated next year.

The end of an excavation is like a piece of art – you never know when it is finished…

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