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Yesterday bad weather suspended the dig.  Today I am sitting in the Art Hut waiting for the rain to stop. Even if I could stand the wind, the paper in my sketchbook will suffer in the rain. There is a blanket of grey cloud – not even the usual drama of an Orkney sky.

Time to reflect on what I may do this season – all eight weeks of it. Last year they asked if I have a plan. This year most of them know me well enough to simply enquire how things are going and what I may do.  There are certain objectives, like filling in some gaps in my collection of material for my ongoing film. Otherwise it is a matter of following the activity on site to see what it throws up.  I also intend to do more serious reflection, partly through reading but mostly through continuing the process of composing the film – layering the drawings, colours and sounds.

My role on site is a little clearer now, made easier by the archaeologists’ appreciation that their process contains passion and the need to accept uncertainty in what is designated a science.

I managed a drawing from the door of the Art Hut of dogged archaeologists working the rain.  Not having such staying power, I gave up and left for the day. The forecast next week promises sunshine – let’s hope…