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Damp, not actually raining at the moment, but mild and humid. Flies are a nuisance. Apparently the biting midge season is later on – but I’m not going to take any chances and cover myself in midge repellant. Not much wind so a good day for sound recording.

I may not have a plan but I do have a method of sorts. First, a wander round the site to see what grabs my attention. Second, revisit positions I have identified as stories to follow. Third, keep an eye out for opportunities to fill in gaps in my collection and chances to strengthen existing threads.  It still relies on happenstance – but that’s what maintains the fascination.

In the first category today, there’s a potential pathway emerging between two structures – a place where art is often found. Drawing 1 identifies the position (to be revisited as category two) and drawing 2 is of figures either side and beyond the ‘doorway’.

The weather improved, albeit with some really moody skies. Dry enough for watercolour in the third category.

A second version of background colours in Trench Y and a background for work in Trench J.

More uncertain weather tomorrow – so more uncertain art activity…