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This ongoing residency requires a long view. The film I’m composing is not a final outcome. It’s a good way of collating my findings but I need to think beyond its development to wherever the project takes me. So while I continue to collect material to fill the gaps in the film’s narrative, it is necessary to remain open to other threads in my artist’s research – whatever that may be…

There is also a persistent ‘problem’ of making a better drawing or sound recording that covers an aspect already in my film.  So I must not be precious and will have to allow earlier material to end up on the cutting room floor if necessary.

Today’s drawings focussed on mattocking and shovelling top soil in the extension to Trench X. This is an aspect already covered in my film but today’s sound recordings, if not the drawings are better than the ones already in the film.

There is a new edit in progress but last year’s version is available on Vimeo. It is also worth following the progress of the archaeology in their daily Dig Diary at www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk