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Previously I have said that human activity is my primary focus. But that is not the whole story. To clarify, it is the place in which people, including myself, are located that is the anchor for my work. That to me is the essence of a residency. So at the Ness of Brodgar, it is the archaeological site that encompasses the archaeologists, and my artist’s residency. Everything also links back to the human activity of the Neolithic people, and although we can never be certain what they were doing and why, they were extremely productive in terms of building and making artefacts – just like we are today.

First painting completed. Looking across the site towards the Loch of Harray, with a couple of diggers, and some random creatures.

Drawing of the day: the Oyster Catcher on the spoil heap now has a friend.

And that is the end of my first week on site. More next week…