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At last a dry day with some sunshine meant being able to get a painting done.

It was not the easiest of sessions. The image is essential to my new project, being an overview of Structure 8, but it necessitated sitting in a position overlooked by the public. So a major effort to concentrate, and also distracted by many flies committing suicide in the wet paint.

Nevertheless less after the frustrations of last weeks weather, and feeling that not only were my feet not touching the bottom but that I was desperately treading water, I now at least have some material to work with when I get back home.

Also good things are beginning to happen on site. Work has restarted around the drain to the south of Structure 8 – an enormously deep hole that may well run underneath several structures.

And in trench J they have just lifted a large piece of bone – mammal not human.

All in all a good start to the week. Even if the weather disrupts my work for the rest of this residency, I will have made progress.

Message to self: just keep putting one foot in front of another…