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This photograph, taken by Jo Bourne, archaeologist and talented photographer, was the view the public got of me painting on Monday, when the weather was fine.  Jo takes all the best photos of me on site, including the one at the top of this blog.

Yesterday I got away from the crowd and into relative shelter from the wind, to paint a corner of the trench where they were working around the big drain. At the moment I don’t like the result – but will probably be able to use it merged with other images.

Afterwards – a quick drawing of the extension in progress in Trench J.

They work in a line to get past the top soil and are just beginning to get to the archaeology.

Today high winds of up to 50mph prevented work in the trenches – but paperwork carries on in the supervisors’ hut.

The archaeologists have my undying admiration. The amount of work outside the actual digging is staggering. Meticulous records and drawings (yes drawings) are made of every aspect of the trench – not to mention all the post excavation analysis of finds and samples. It’s all a bit different from Time Team…

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