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In coming weather – clouds on the hills of Hoy

While diggers continue in nearly all weather, drawings cannot happen in rain.

Two days of bad weather has limited my activity on site but given time to think and access what needs to be done.  Sorting through the accumulated images and sounds is a confusing process, but I am slowly getting a sense of where the next film is going. My aim is to simply celebrate this remarkable place.

Orkney has the capacity to pull people in and seduce them. To try and express that is madness. As Cézanne said of the white cloth in his still life that looked like the snows of Mont Blanc, if he thought about Mont Blanc while painting the cloth he would fail, but if he concentrated on the cloth then it would look like the snows of Mont Blanc. This means I must look hard at what is here, not think about how Orkney seduces, and hope my work will reveal what pulls people in.