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Some better weather and I’ve torn up my plan. Having tried to make a list of things to do, which was beginning to make me anxious, it seemed sensible to simply go out on site and record, both visually and aurally, whatever delights and makes me curious.

This is the last effort to work to the list. It’s a beautiful orthostat that is thought to be the centre of the whole site. So while I enjoyed drawing it, it lacks my primary interest, which is people.

So here is a drawing of a digger squashed against the edge of the trench. The really have to work in the most extraordinary positions.

Making meticulous notes of a particular piece of the site involves much moving and juggling of the drawing/note board.

Today the sun came out but with the wind still strong, I found a sheltered spot inside the trench to settle down and paint, and make some notes of the archaeologists.

Until next week…