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Well, safe to say I have somewhat neglected this particular platform over the last few months! Since July I’ve been busy installing and curating exhibitions and securing workshops, all of which have been sadly absent from this blog.

However, I aim to remedy such neglectfulness by looking to the future. Next month I am heading to Bristol in order to curate and install my latest Perfume as Practice exhibition at Centrespace Gallery. The exhibition will house at least 15 perfumes, each a portrait of another artist. The exhibition aims to reveal the artistic potential of perfumery and will be set to a theme in keeping with Bristol’s rich history of trade routes.

In November I will be creating bespoke reed diffusers in an aim to develop a commercial arm of Perfume as Practice. The diffusers will each house a botanical blend of domestic plantlife, and will be for sale during the Art in the Home exhibition at Kommune, Sheffield.

Both of these endeavours will be explored and documented on this here blog as I aim to reconnect with the act of writing about my work. So watch this space for more updates!