I am half way through my PhD first year in the music department at the University of Aberdeen. Over this time I have focused on my thesis topic, re-focused on my thesis topic and changed my topic!

I have started to make new art work that will become part of my thesis portfolio and I have attended meetings of my department’s Sonic Arts Forum.

I have met my supervisor for our regular monthly tutorials and this has been the bedrock of my research and is one of the opportunities I have to discuss my work, art opportunities I am considering and any funding or projects I aim to pursue.

I have also managed to get my weekly routine established. This makes sure that I have dedicated research time (1 or 2 days per week schedule depending) and time to dedicate to my job, freelance work and leisure time.

I aim to contribute to this blog on a regular basis so keep updated to learn more about my experiences on my PhD journey.

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