I like the look I’ve achieved with the Platform – Summer, not sure about the editing though but very happy with the colours and texture the digital pinhole has created. I think the longer version is definitely more interesting than the short one, though.

The only thing is that because I was so into the Platform – Spring post-production when I was shooting Platform – Summer that the shooting process felt quite straight forward. A bit how Platform – Winter felt, actually.

What I mean by straight forward is that, after I made the “lens” and spent the day playing with the exposure, it was quite easy to shoot it. The results were coming and I didn’t feel I needed changing anything – funny how sometimes we have the feeling that a piece of work is not good enough just because we didn’t struggle with it. Just because it was a fairly easy process, it somehow feels like it is not good enough. But in the end I really like its look so I guess there’s nothing to report back on my struggles. Yes, indeed… sometimes we artists can create things that are dead easy.

Or maybe after  Platform – Spring anything is easy ;-)

Here is the final result (short version):https://youtu.be/XYPfgiO95Iw