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I wish I could really enjoy this moment; to be able to have space in my head for absorbing all I know I learnt from this project. But right now my mind is somewhere else…

Platform-Autumn is finally edited and live on YouTube – at least the short version of it, as usual. It was yet another very interesting chapter of this project.

I shot 3 times – it was the first time I re-shot. I kept waiting for a foggy day and when it happened I didn’t like the result so I re-shot it and was OK with it when another incredible foggy day came up and I re-shot for the third time.

After that, there was this massive hiatus between shooting and editing as I was still working on Platform-Spring and my mind was totally into it.  Then life took its toll again and I couldn’t get enough space in my head to finish Autumn.

When I indeed got some time, I got stuck. I thought I wanted it to be Black & White, I thought prepared myself for having that silent movie look I talked about previously but when it got to the point of actually making it, I don’t think it worked.

Don’t get me wrong, the B&W looks really nice but it doesn’t go with the other 3 or 4 if you count the main projection, the Tunnel – remember Project Platform has been shaped to be a video installation (image below).

Project Platform – video installation (illustration)

Anyway, now that’s ready I feel I can only get excited about it if I think of how it’s going to actually look once it’s installed and I know this might never happen. So, as I said at the beginning: I wish I could enjoy realising I’ve finally finished the project, but I guess we artists are always with our head on the next creation. Whilst I was making Platform I kept thinking about all my other artworks, the old ones and the ones to come… that’s the thing about artists, we never do one thing in a linear way…

I’m now excited to be planning to go back to stitching again.

Platform – Autumn _short  –