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I have continued to explore memento and artefacts. My interest in the urn has increased and I am currently working with vessels of various shapes and sizes.

I am considering the mother as a vessel and the interchangeability of the womb and vessel.

I am also considering the urn as a representation of human form, as well as looking at the cremation urn in respect of its actual purpose.

The selection of urns is not a random choice, I have scoured the internet, many antiques shops and second hand stores, to find what I am looking for.

Recent sketches explore ideas of placement of the vessels and how they relate to one another or are linked. I have collected and gathered these objects together and begun to paint them white. They may or may not stay white.

I am enjoying the calmness and purity which is beginning to come through. Quite a contrast to the energy and vibrant nature of a 1 year old and a 12 (I’m nearly 13 Mum) year old!