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i began this blog while in a bit of an upset state.

as ever time has helped for the upset to unpack and reflection to occur.

the big lunch extras experience has brought home to me about how important looking after oneself is, even if that’s an unfashionable thing to do.

the big lunch extras programme is designed to help people help their community. what i see in myself now is that there was in part an element of the work i attempt to do for a wider community actually being about what i need for me.

it has been suggested that activists do what they do because of a sense of isolation in their own lives.

i recognise in myself that one of the projects i’m involved with trying to set up is as much about me recieving payment for my time as it is about bringing people together. this is exacerbated by those i’m talking with being slow to recgnise that i need to be paid for my contribution to the project as actually it is part of my work.

i need to accept that those i’m in discussion with actually might just need an excuse to go to a pub once a month an discuss somethng they know stuff about. it may not actually have to go any further.

i might have to research the succesful community projects … see if there is any pattern that emerges about those behind the success.  truth is i already have way more ideas that are physically possible to do in the time i have each day.

inevitably some ideas will remain as a sketch on a page.



so what advice am i giving myself ?


enjoy those around me, enjoy my work, enjoy talking about my work, involve people who i like close to me.  when i get down and it all seems useless and going now where … eat something ……. …….. …….. …….. ……… …….. and goto the beginning of this paragraph.

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