The lack of written content in this blog perhaps speaks for itself. The past few months have gone by swiftly and suddenly without the pressing desire to document progress.

Without being too hard on myself, that is not productive and I need to get my head down. It is important to reflect on this time and get to the crux of what is happening in my practice now and deciding where I want to be in order to not let the next few months drift by unnoticed.

Two important things happened at the beginning of the year: I obtained a studio space and I started a full time job.

I could list all the impracticalities of that situation but it’s boring.

Instead, focus on the positives: I attended a few half day courses which are put on by the Cultural Enterprise Office – they exist to provide advice and all sorts of helpful guidance for creative professionals, including support and some grants. Incredibly informative and well run, the courses covered some of the basic stuff you need to know for “being a business” and thinking like one as a creative professional, and then more specifically how to go about writing applications and making proposals. The latter area is where I could really do with some help as it is something I struggle with and quite frankly don’t do too well in, if rejections are an indicator to go by.

So, having a period of reflection is incredibly important here – choosing the right opportunities I want to be part of is essential. I must spend time also thinking about what I actually want to do – where do I want my practice to be, what direction to take. Perhaps to some this seems far too planned, but to me it’s far worse to drift without focus.

So that is the to do list . . . and with a confirmed exhibition curated by the collective I am involved with ( in July, there is more than plenty to keep me really busy in the little time I have spare away from earning cash. Making sure every moment in the studio counts is a real priority – it’s not enough time, but at least I have it.

Making the most of as I can, progress is slow but there is some! It is maybe about changing the thinking and adapting to what is possible. So for now, I may not be able to complete large scale installations but at least I can draw.