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This weeks tutorial was particularly helpful – given that I had spent some time before it thinking how I didn’t feel I had too much to say for myself. It is now week 5 in the calendar, so a third into the semester depending on how you look at it. 5 weeks is both a long and a short time but I have to work with what I have, not what I’d like to have.
Looking at what I do have, which is some great screen printed images which I knocked up last week – great to work away in the print workshop on my own, getting some good prints I can then combine with painted image. It seems a bit more real when you have plenty of image stock and things to play with. The guys in the print workshop were really helpful, its a resource I wasn’t so sure about in my undergraduate but it seems like it’s going to be a valuable one this year as I expand my practice.
So, actually there was plenty to discuss and I love the way when you create a dialogue and things just seem to fall into place through the discourse, and the act of working through the ideas and notions in your head make them clearer and more plausible. We discussed and discarded some things I was working on (see previous post/images) which was a relief as there was something not working in them and engaged with these new prints and how they could combine with the more recent painted experiments happening. Good discussion, good things to work on.

Friday’s tour of some of Glasgow’s art venues probably deserves a post of its own, but briefly – GOMA/Trongate/Transmission/Modern Institute/Briggate/Mary Mary/CCA/Glue Factory – did I miss one? Admittedly there is more than one I hadn’t visited before and it’s a reminder that it is important to go and see. There is a lot happening, not just here in Edinburgh but all over Scotland and it is not difficult to get out and see what new things are out there. (And let’s not forget, openings are great social opportunities – caught up/networked quite a bit)
Photos to follow…