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I’ve set my self the goal of making something in the studio every day, based on a list of starting points to further my practice.

One of my current concerns is collecting and arranging collage off-cuts and I’m experimenting with different ways to display and incorporate into new work. I began photographing them on different backgrounds which I wanted to do before turning into new work.

Once I’d finished I realised that I liked the way they looked when they were  linked together with only the background changing. I decided to put together a simple animation using the pictures I’d taken. I used a Tropicalia song as I felt like the beats and vibrancy of the movement fitted the colours and shapes of the collage off-cuts.

Collage offcuts experiments to the sounds of Tropicalia (watch the animation here)

I like the way that the textures and colours of the backgrounds change while the pieces stay the same. I’m not sure if the music distracts from the movement, though I do really like it. I’ve also tried a version without sound and looped.

I definitely enjoy the way this has turned out. I’m not sure if and how it furthers the project according to my original aims although I’d perhaps like to try some more moving image along the same lines.