Um, not sure where to start with this post. Today I did some work…finally. Last week I did no work what so ever. Last Monday my boyfriend took me away for what I thought was a birthday treat, only then to get down on one knee in the middle of our walk in Oxfordshire and ask me to be his wife. From that moment on it’s just been giddy, floating, gushing, permanently smiley Christina…. he doesn’t know what he has started!

Suddenly I’m thinking flowers, dresses, bridesmaids, confetti, not public space, architecture, urbanism, psychogeography.

I’ve spent most of today sitting in my studio forcing myself to concentrate on getting my mind back on things and trying more ideas out with the camera. I’ve taken a whole load of new footage but just hope I’m not complicating my ideas further. The main trouble at the moment is focusing on one particular area of investigation and not getting distracted, yet also being experimental and creating possibilities for new things to emerge.

The assessment time was a funny one, the knowledge that you are making for an assessment was quite a self conscious one I felt, yet it was good as it pushed me to do things that I had been putting off for quite a while. Lots didn’t work with the piece I put in and they became so obvious that I felt really frustrated at myself for not acknowledging them straight away whilst I was in the process of filming and editing. I am now cringing through post-assessment eyes at some of my decisions. Oh well, it seems a good way to make me more aware of these things next time.

I have attached the new edit of the video, the assessment one had me actually moving around within the space which really, really didn’t work. This version is still really not quite what I was after… mainly because I didn’t know what I was after when I did the filming – which obviously doesn’t help much, but it gives an idea of where I am at at the moment I thnk.