Last week was a lot of art and I saw some exciting stuff. There were some interesting video pieces by Klara Liden at the Serpentine that got me thinking about performance and film again and some drawings still sticking in my mind persistently from the Jerwood. Frieze was good, this was a first for me (can’t believe I managed to avoid it for so long). I had mixed feelings about it really… so much to see in one place – I thought I might pass out from looking so much and such a horrid stuffy environment to view it in, also I’m not great in crowds but it was exciting, only rather expensive too. I came out feeling like I had had the Frieze experience for sure.

Also saw Saatchi’s New Sensations – an artist who has just graduated from Wimbledon was one of the selected. This too left me with mixed feelings, I don’t know if it was just the venue (‘The House of Nobleman’ on Cornwall Terrace over looking Regents Park complete with red carpet!) or the fact that it was by appointment and special invite only but I thought I whiffed a waft of pretentiousness lingering in the air – but oh what a house, the bathroom was the size of our whole home!

It was great to see Chris Agnew’s work in the show though and some other great pieces too, Elizabeth Jordan’s video projection had me mesmorized.

So after such a busy week of seeing it’s back to my own work, to think. Us part time year 2 held a collaborative exhibition at 242 Gallery in September which I really should of written about before. It was a great opportunity to work together and such a positive experience of collaboration. We each seemed to get something surprising and different out of it. What is really great is that I feel it has definitely given me something to take back into my own practice, plenty to mull over.

I’ll write more about it later and put some images up.


Hi, I’ve been away a while. Off in the land of not doing very much, apart from thinking about how little I’m doing and wondering why that is so. I didn’t really find the answer, so have eventually decided not to dwell on it any longer.

Today I enrolled for the second and final year of my MA and it felt really good. I have a cold and a stuffy head but I’m back on the roller coaster that is academia and so much more relaxed about the ride this time.

Afterwards I paid a visit to the Jerwood to see the drawing prize. I really enjoyed this. Such a wonderful feast of different stuff and a few people from my course and a fellow a-n blogger included in the mix, great! Some fantastic and intriguing drawings. I particularly like Andrew Lawson’s piece ‘The Story of O’ and the ceramic circle – although I now can’t remember the name of the artist.

Off to the bar tonight to shake some cocktails. Things just ticking on in their own little way.