Three weeks back and how’s it going? well, I think. Already the year feels very different to the last one and I can’t tell if it’s me or them that’s different, probably both I guess.

After a rather brisk start compared to last year I’ve had two tutorials and a crit already, I feel like time and me are both moving at lightening speed. So my research is become a little more focused and finally I’m starting to feel I am getting a grasp on myself and a sense of purpose peeking over the horizon, it may only be momentarily as I have learnt to accept all feelings like this are but its there all the same.

Maybe my sense of getting on top of things has come from my day spent in isolation with just my research folio and piles of books and papers. I find them all a comfort, creating more and more paper somehow seems to help tame a neurotic element in me.

My research is starting to have a strong sense of momentum, but I’m still acutely aware of not letting my actual art making fall by the wayside. It’s a tricky balance when your doing a Masters, I find. I feel the intensity of the research enriching my ideas but at the same time swamping my head with the demands of just reading that one more thing all the time.

Saying that… I must just go and look up that article. It might just have the answer to all my worries!

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