Today i was filmed in my studio to promote the workshops and eventual installation I will be making for Chester Diocese.

Gawd, it was awful.   I was under the impression that the photographer was just going to take a few snaps of me and my work, but when he arrived with tripod, cameras (yep more than one) and an assortment of mics, I started to worry.

I hadn’t been sent a list of questions so although I could answer the basic ones about my background, others really floored me. I just hope that its well edited.

The other thing that I was uncomfortable with was that he kept referring me as a  ‘Community artist’ which I’m not.  To me, a community artist is someone who works on community projects most of the time, whereas I only work with the community occasionally .

Is there actually a difference or am I being picky?

Part of me just wants to get on with the making and not worry about all this publicity nonsense.

That’s really why there’s such a gap between my blog posts – I’ve been working away making my paper fish but not really felt the need to talk about it.

Suppose that will have to change.  Sigh

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