I slept in this morning – something I haven’t done for a long time.  I guess all the running around I’ve done in the last week, plus yesterday’s workshop at The Walker Art Gallery has finally caught up with me.
Although my workshop had been planned for a long time, it was difficult to advertise it in the ‘normal ways’ as the museums had been on strike and obviously the major exhibitions took priority when everyone returned back to work last week.
It was a case then of trying to push it on our social media channels in the hope of gathering interest.
I had five attendees which wasn’t bad and I was kind of glad really as I’d totally underestimated how many materials I’d have to carry on public transport.

I’d been collecting cartons, bottle tops and other recycled materials for months.

Thankfully the gallery provided all of the basics I needed – pencils, rulers, glue, paint etc , so that wasn’t an extra worry .
I had loads planned for the 3 hour workshop, but in the end everyone was happy making paper beads and ‘butterfly’ earrings . We actually ran out of time as they seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.

Back to normality now though as I’m babysitting tonight and then meeting Elena Thomas in Liverpool tomorrow as she’s coming to see our exhibition.
Looking forward to seeing her !

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It’s two days since our exhibition opened –  three since the PV night…. and after the initial elation,  I’ve now got that ‘flat’ feeling.  After an opening, I always wish there was a flood of reviews ,  feedback … even the odd social media post , but there’s been nothing so far.  I know it’s early days, but we always hope for more don’t we ?

How do other artists generate interest ? Or is everyone the same ?

We haven’t posted the ‘official’ photos of the night yet, so maybe that will help.  The photos were taken by Cath’s partner, who thankfully did them for free,  so no extra costs there.
I only took a couple – before ‘the rush’ ( see below)  but they don’t really tell the story .

On the plus side , the exhibition looked good in the space ( not just me saying that!) We worked well together as a team and because of that we are planning more events .
I’ve also learned to promote myself more, which has always been a bit scary .

I just have to learn to sit and wait now , letting the exhibition speak for itself .




This morning, the 3 of us met at the exhibition space to do a final check before we  install our work on Monday .
We were really annoyed to find that the last exhibitors had left the walls in an appalling state. As a free independent gallery,  each exhibitor is given strict instructions to return the space to how it was before.
Not too much to ask really.
So our half hour meeting to have a chat and take some photos, turned into a couple of hours of filling holes and painting walls.

Work wise , I haven’t  been able to settle into it again. I hate everything I’ve done recently  and I don’t want to show it. I don’t know if it’s just the pressure of showing new work or just that I’ve got so much on just now.  I’m just glad that I worked hard at the beginning of the year so at least I have a small body of paintings.

I think we’ve done as much publicity as we can , so all we can do now is just hope that people turn up .

Something that I forgot to mention .. I was contacted recently by a Robert Bolick who had written a blog about me several years ago that I knew nothing about. He wanted me to update him on a few things .  It’s recently interesting to read other people’s take on your work . Read it here