….. or lack of .

Yesterday, I was out and about looking at some art installations in the city centre, when I got a call from the organiser of my own installation, asking me if I could join in on a zoom meeting.

I couldn’t really because , being in the city centre, it was too busy and noisy….. I was really concerned though that this meeting ( which I had no prior knowledge of) was about where my work will go in the Cathedral.

Eh ???

The space was booked last summer, I’d measured it up and planned my design to fit.

So I got a text later in the day with an image of a new space.  Apparently, the original space was double booked – the other being for an outside event.  They thought that they could have the event under  my  work – which they thought was going to be hung from the ceiling.

Rather than move the event to the new space, they deemed it more appropriate that the artwork was moved.

That just says it all about the role of the artist doesn’t it?