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I sent 8 x A3 prints to the printers on Tuesday and spent yesterday writing and compiling a 24 page booklet to accompany my exhibition. It’s had two checks so far with some bits and pieces like typos corrected and is currently been fine-toothcombed by Lisa who also proofread my Masters Thesis. The hardest bit now is deciding the cover. I plumped for Gallio over Sunflower (Gallio is Italian for yellow so definitely keeping within theme!) as it’s the closest match in colour to the Oro Antico paint. I finally decided on a font but the text positioning is another story. A couple of people on my facebook page have been advising me though as it helps to have another set of eyes or two after being so close to something.

It needs to go to print tomorrow and I’m not sure if I’ll need to collect from Manchester or if they can deliver special delivery yet. I also checked in at the library to see what aspect ratio the screen is and it can do both so that’s good. My velcro – for hanging my prints on blue baize boards provided by the library – has arrived too and a plate hanger is in the post to me.

It was my last day on site (excluding my performance on the 11th October of course). I did my family yellow sticker shopping last night and found a celebration cake reduced to £2 so had to buy it for the team to say thank for having me!

I talked to a staff member who is usually at the Halifax site and manages the different companies collecting materials for recycling. He just happened to be working at Brighouse today which was fortuitous. I got loads of information about sorting and processing that might be relevant for my performance/talk/quiz – especially some information about what happens to the paint!

I had a chat in the charity shop about people haggling the prices down and weighing in everything to contribute to their target recycling percentages. I also found some “old (fake) gold” and a comptometer which I was tempted to buy but resisted.

I also found this (yellow ochre) book: Lots More Tell Me Why (1974/79) which has a picture of a rudimentary collage on the cover so it had to be bought. Inside there is a section on gold.

So I think that this book and it’s contents might be woven into my performance/talk/quiz: Recycling ideas about rubbish and paint and yellow and gold.