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medical emergencies happen and remaining calm, focussed and in the moment are factors that will help the patient.  at the start of day two of my first aid course we discover one of our girls is unwell and i need to stay at home to oversee her recovery.

before the course i felt there was a foreboding dark cloud over me.  i wasn’t looking forward to the course i felt there would be a point when i had the big sense of relief – i pause to find an analogy – maybe like when you are told the car has got through the mot with no work required.


at lunch of the first day i had that feeling.  the cloud was one connected to the cpr practice – it had been worse on my first course during my training.

for me the cpr training connected to unhappy emotional memories connected with my father.  yesterday doing the cpr training i remembered those memories yet the impact was less than the time before.

the block i was feeling about the cpr practice – unaware that it was the block – has now been released and the rest of this week doesn;t now feel as dark.

my first aid ticket is still valid as i was renewing it many months before i needed to, so i’ll negotiate if i can complete this course another time or if i need to book another.

it may seem a little off subject to write about first aid training in my blog here —-  the thing is though that one doesn’t really need to know a lot to be really helpful in an emergency.   for example there is now a groundswell of defibrillator installations in villages, towns and cities across the country and they are easy to use.  doing a first aid course is as much about building confidence as it is about what to do.

the clouds are lifting, bluesky, sunshine and lighter nights are on the way.