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this blog post is brought to you by the word … unexpected.


makes a change having a word to focus on, quite the surprise.


the session i facilitated today was at pickfords house – my first time working as a facilitator there.   the range of conversations was unexpected.

using natural materials the invitation was to explore the patterns of the museum and recreate them.  an unexpected surprise was an appearance by the easter bunny.




in the on going research into generative visuals for the skin and bone trio i’ve begun playing with freeliner.  it’s made by a multidisciplinary artist called max and he’s built it using processing.  i have to say i’m seriously impressed by max’s work.




i looked back at my post of about a year ago.  i remember that time and my disappointment.  did i get stronger because of it ?  probably – i’m still here.


i am still waiting to hear from doc fest about shimmering place.   it feels different to applying for something to do something.  if the non linear documentary doesn’t get selected i’ll at least be able to take off the password protection and start to share the project on line.  i am competitive – so not being selected will feel like a loss and with that will come disappointment.

i take a moment to reflect back to last year.  i did push myself to do things out of my comfort zone and o’ve noticed when i do this the outcomes are ok.

i do feel more confident to do this than a year ago.  in taking time to check i have some grounding – i see there is grounding and upon it more work can be done.


personally i feel there is still something i need to work out or work through.  my monthly outing to the mens circle meetings are yet to connect me to something so it might not be there.  its like i sense something behind me and when i turn to see what it is there isn;t anything there.  by staying there the sense reappears behind me and the cyclic momentum continues.

writing that i reflect that i didn’t expect to write about that when i sat down.