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i like getting to friday and taking some time to reflect back over my week.  this one has been varied and i’m pleased to write today about a feeling of clearing i have.

i feel i’ve cleared some troubling energy and today have head space and optimism to look towards the yet to come.




the mind map today is much simpler than i’ve made before –  a deliberate ploy to remind myself that i do need to have things in simple form around me.  the layering on of complexity comes from the foundation of simplicity.  today i focus on the foundations.



so what of this week ?


i’ve worked at kedleston hall – delivering a learning activity for nearly 50 children – a part of their habitats and survival themed visit to the hall.  it was lovely working in the team led by the learning officer and some of the talented volunteers that work at the hall.

i really enjoyed myself – a tiring day and well worth it to see the smiles and hear the comments of children and staff as they prepared to leave for their journey home.



part of my simplicity mapping today was the re-iteration of my interest in process and those that involve working digitally and with wood.  the carving i’ve done this week starts to talk to me about both practicality and metaphor.  i have in the past rejected metaphor and concede that rejection is circular – so there’s opportunity to see if the rejection still applies.  i’m also happy to report a sense of play with the material and tools.




my week began volunteering at derby museum and art gallery.   a british council / craft council visit of far eastern practioners and curators were visiting the world culture gallery and i was there to record more greetings for the greeting telephone.  i reflect today about how my view of the world is different to how it was on monday.




so slightly looking towards the next few weeks – i’m adjusting to not currently having as much work lined up for the summer as in the previous two years – this was bothering me.  now i accept that this is the way of things and through positive reflection see that i have time now to focus in on my practice and move forward those interests and ideas i have eluded to in previous posts.

i continue to balance my interest of being outdoors with my interest in using technology and what that might mean.