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approaching the end of september in glorious sunshine – its unfortuante that i’ve caught the back to school cold.  despite this i’ve had a good week, with lots of connectivity to people and ideas.

i have to say that having worked this week through the early stages of this cold i’ve  taken today off and managed to get out with the dog to take in some of the fine weather.  i love this time of year :)



recently i’ve been orbiting around academic planets – not normally orbited.  it began in the summer with sara brighty and the work with her – i see it as a collaboration and talking with a friend about this got into a bit of an argument.  it was sara’s initial idea however i bought my practice into that idea and the result is …..  i heard today sara has passed her ma, congratulations sara !

another academic planet is that of the smart storey telling symposium in melbourne australia.  i’ve talked a bit about this in earlier posts.  the invitation is to present at the symposium via a 10 minute video and join the session via an adobe connect session to answer live q&a.  i’m gearing myself up for sitting in the dining room at 3 in the morning facing my laptop accompanied by a gin and tonic and the snores from the dog.

in taking part with the symposium it’s giving me a reflective opportunity about the shimmering place project, what i learnt and what i take into the third tranche of the non linear series for the museum of making at derby silk mill.

i plan to add the symposium as an exhibition on my aa2a profile page.  the aa2a.biz site has recently been upgraded and as an aa2a engage group member see it important to keep my profile ticking along.

another exhibition i’ll add is my first outing with the skin and bone trio.  this is something i began to talk about earlier in the year and after a summer break we have a gig in belper in late november.  i plan to play under the pseudonym particle p.  after months of research i am starting to arrive at a place where i am happy i have the means to visually improvise along with the improvisations of the trio.

i have some recent frame grabs from the generative work i’m creating :



these are made in processing and i’m making good process into the handling of objects and their communication.  soon my call to rehearsal will be the push for me to compile the research into a form i can work with live.




the source of my cold potentially was a work colleague at the weekend at the museum and art gallery in derby.  we ran a zines and trails session in the emerging world cultures gallery that now does have an official title but i cant recall it right now.

the session saw families engaging with the collections through self made trails and setting out to explore the gallery to find their objects. i had a go too !

generally i still feel upbeat and optimistic – with a couple of conversations this week about things in the future helping to provide motivation in the moment.



midweek i help present the this is normanton project to a u3a group in normanton.  it was a good experience and within the presentation we included excerpts from the oral testimony recordings i made as a volunteer for derby museums.  i really enjoyed telling the story about who they were about to hear and a little insight in to what was going to be said.  it was inspiring to see how the recordings inspired conversations – just like the objects we had with us had done.

so despite feeling well below par my week has been really good with things from the past, moments in the present and looking ahead to the future.

i’ll leave you with another image from my walk today.