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Busy week again. Preparations for the residency exhibition, and a hole lot of teaching.

The work for the exhibition is all prepared and those to be framed are all fitted, except one which needs new glass.  Sort that out tomorrow.   I still have work in various stages of development, so back in the print room I guess, once the exhibition is installed.

I ran a print workshop at the Ipswich Art School Gallery on Saturday.  Not the place where the residency is, another place which hangs on to its history, but is being more aptly renamed soon, so I hear.  Not a busy workshop this time round but nice work produced by those attending.  One of the year 2 fine art students, Louise, turned up and made mono-prints of willow patterns.  Worked very well with the technique.   Strange that,  well a bit, still meeting students even while not in the university print room.

Students on my Wednesday evening print class made some nice work too, I must find time to upload the photographs on my Teaching Facebook page.

Got more printmaking ideas, though they won’t be in time for the exhibition.  I was writing the catalogue entries earlier in the week and outlined all the ideas with reference to some of the theory to compliment the work in the exhibition.  Perhaps post some of it up here on the blog next time.