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Well the exhibition is up and launched.  What a turn out, all went well on the launch night with visitors from near and far.  Started with some chat with students, then Simon was introduced to me and a tour and in depth chat about the work and ideas took up some time, as he was clearly interested and conversant with the references and ideas, before he made the speech and introduced me.  Centre of attention, that’s what a solo show is all about, and at the centre, me, so that’s what it’s like.  Funny, the residency is very much about sharing? So that’s ironic I guess.

The thing about a one man show is that you can show a wide body of work all at the same time and really bring out those ideas.  This is possible because of the reinforcement of ideas because of volume and also in the way they can be displayed and interrelate between the various ideas.

I have been back in the print room working on pieces that did not make the exhibition and talking to students. Zani was around again with interesting discussion, and interesting work.  I got corrected as I previously wrote about Danny who he obviously now, is not. Ah well apologies.  He could see the influences in my work, Sigma Pole,  Rauschenberg Etc.  I met with Paul Fisk for a radio interview as well, a busy week, he noticed the John Baldessari influence.  Still waiting for the Mixcloud radio show archive upload from Saturday with my interview.

Back to the print room tomorrow as many pieces of work still to finish.