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Timber Mirror Walk 2013, plywood, acrylic mirror and hand printed felt.

Timber Mirrors were carried from the gallery to a heritage site called the Cliffs of Moher. I chose this site because it acted as a backdrop of everything and nothing. The site by eye has almost equal part sea to rock. A kinda nil point where people could focus on the light with less object distractions.


Drawings of Light

I asked the group to explore light by looking into the hexagonal acrylic mirror frames. I passed around wax pastels for people to record highlights of light on cloud, ocean or rocks by marking an x or lines or dots onto a layer of clear film (pre-cut and laid onto the hexagonal mirror). I directed the group to turn in angles and movements. I was really pleased by the drawings and the unexpected outcome of each person’s different approach to record light! Some went with the movement of light whilst others ordered the light.

I call this action of drawing as the space in-between discovery.

The Participatory Art Work comprises sculptures from a previous project Timber Mirror Walk 2013. Early photographic inventions underpin the ideas behind this work. Glass lenses and boxes were assembled to capture the world with light which is one of the functions of this work. The work makes an homage to Alfred Stieglitz’s Equivalent Series (1928 – 1931) a collection of cloud photographs, that to me, expresses the poetics in the everyday.

Timber Mirror Walk 2013 was supported by Forestry Commission Scotland