Hello, and welcome to my blog post for March in April…ha. Well, an eventful month, major project meeting which is top secret, so I can’t really talk about that until it’s in the public domain. I’m going to share a cool photo though, so you can have a guess if you like.

In the studio I’ve been working on project Goddess, essentially it’s the end of male robotic thinking and we’ve all got to get in touch with our intuitive feminine side. As we need the end of the ‘age of Freud’ we have to forget that we’re all animals acting on libidinal drives and embrace the Jungian approach which is far more subtle and complex. In an effort to help to bridge this chasm of understanding (or lack there of) our work in this area is based on the shared archetype. Something simple to grasp for most of us, the Goddess. An attempt to realise our collective positive female energy in the form of painting collages depicting recognisable imagery, well to the unconscious mind, hopefully.

We’ve also been working on the staggered matrix style project to a lesser extent, well I painted one thing blue and dripped some resin on it. You’ll remember the project became staggered after I got really bored with it a couple of years ago. It became a focus again after a famous artist (I don’t name drop) visited my studio and said “these are really good” so my personal vanity kicked in and here we are.

On a personal note this month I learned that I shouldn’t point the finger at others. To do this is like saying I’m perfect and everyone else is the problem. So Jesus was dead right about that one it turns out. Ancient wisdom has a lot more to offer than my limited perspective…who knew? Still it may take me a while to put aside my egocentric character flaws as change can be hard, plus sometimes they make people laugh…and I love to do that.