So, big changes in the works.

Most exciting project is top secret at the moment, let us say it has something to do with reconnecting ‘people’ with the visual arts and their own creativity in general. The ‘antidote’ to the perceived elitism which pervades the general collective.

In my way of thinking everyone is an artist it’s just that the majority are repressed to such a degree that they doubt their own creativity. Allow me to explain…If we assume, for example that we are all musicians, yet a lot of us are tone def, does that mean we should not attempt to be musical? I play the piano…badly, but it makes me feel good (Lez Dawson good).

Should I doubt myself simply because I am no concert pianist?

Shall I hide my playing from the rest of the world? Probably, however I shall not stop playing. If more of us had this attitude and applied it to all types of creativity, then perhaps we would be more whole and less jig-saw piece?