Hello Fans, so what’s new? Well with me, a shiny revamped website. I decided to go with images from the Spode works in an attempt to ‘build’ the atmosphere of my working environment. You may recognize some of the images as ones that previously featured on this very blog…because why make work for yourself? In addition to the website make over I wrote a new artist’s statement, from the heart. That was difficult. I didn’t write it in the third person, which prevented me from being able to hide away and talk about technique, yeah dropped all that stuff. “My world is slightly darker.” It felt good to just be honest about the whole thing, basically, I’m an artist in the same way cats climb trees or dogs bark, it’s not a choice, it’s genuinely who I am. Pain laid bare etcetera. If you would like to read my artist’s statement just go to my website: www.markedmondsart.com and leave me a comment on here. Is it too dark or not too dark enough?

This month we had an open day at Spode Works also featuring an exhibition. I’ve included some images, I sold ‘No Horizon’ so sorry if you were interested in that one, it’s gone. Also, with the Help of Fred Philips and his lovely wife Pat plus a few other helping livers, we manged to polish off a bottle of Grappa. So, all in all quite a successful open day and who knew that Sainsburys stocked a decent Grappa? Just like Grandad used to make!

If you peruse the attached gallery you will notice a very different style of painting. Yes, that’s right, I fancied a ‘break’. This particular image is my homage to Venice and my current Stoke based surroundings. Done in a modernist style (for now), I’m sure I will add some more anarchic elements later on. I’ve been painting live on Instagram which is a first for me – nice to get real time feedback, even if it is just “awesome pic mate”, the digital age is not quite the age of sophisticated critique, but seriously who cares?