Studio window view.

In the last couple of days I have started to think about how I can work with what I have collected from the walks I have done.

The pedometer steps provide plotting points and I am interested in the relationship of this to the ordnance survey map being used. Referring to the ordnance survey map and drawings made on walks when arranging points onto paper. Considering the real experience of the walk vs accuracy and abstraction of the map.

The onsite tracings made of man made interventions are from a particular viewpoint. How they hold and define surrounding space I feel relates to the points plotted, both can define and structure a space.

Scale of mapped area onto paper in relation to onsite tracings is important to further think about as well, whether traced imagery ought to stay in the scale taken in, or increased/decreased. Thinking also about the best way to work with it.

On the 20/8 I began to trace paths being walked, this I thought might bring actual walking perspective to the work. Layered together the acetates of these create their own landscape/map, whilst translated onto the mapped area, become a series of sections.

At present working with the above I am interested in plotting, and in how man made interventions found hold and define the space around them.

Here are some images of things I am working on.