As I reach the end of my residency the last few days have been very productive, including lots of studio time and a climb up Cadair Idris.

In previous blogs I mention man made interventions and this seems to have lost focus in current developments. The mappings I am working on looking to generate a dialogue between map space and experience of walking. The works developed seeking to place, plot, deconstruct experience and understanding of being in the landscape.

In thinking about how to plot I have started some pieces working on acrylic, attempting a more physical approach to the mappings. The transparency of the acrylic allowing me to explore layers within the work.

The process exploring the relationship between points (steps made) established on a surface referring to the OS map, against much freer line drawings made whilst walking (of the path ahead). These initially being traced, but in my last walk up Cadair Idris drawn into my sketchbook to test out a different approach. Using a pin tool to scratch, along with pens, and some waxy pencils I am beginning to develop some work on the acrylic.

Acrylic piece being developed in response to Cadair Idris walk, 61 x 61 cm, against a plaster wall.

Acrylic piece in response to Aberllefenni slate quarry walk, 61 x 61 cm, against both a white wall and detail against plaster wall.

A larger acrylic piece where I hope to bring together the walks I have done.

An earlier unfinished mapping which I showed in my previous post is also beginning to feel quite important, in folding it becomes something to un fold, suggesting an interactive element to the work. The idea that the works could suggest something to follow, but is impossible is an exciting direction I would like to consider.

Pictures from walk up Cadair Idris on 28/8, stone walls traveling over the undulating hills below, and the lake Llyn Cau at the top.

I’m very sad as this will be my last blog post from Stiwdio Maelor, it has been an extremely valuable intensive and exciting period of work in a stunning landscape, with the friendliest and most welcoming people.

Once home I plan to continue to develop and finish the works made here and share the results. I would also like to spend some time reflecting on the work and processes being explored here in relation to previous works made in response to urban space, there are definitely key cross over points. The residency has also opened up some new areas of research which I will enjoy looking into.