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My interest in exposing the invisible structures of objects results in works that show an everyday object in a less familiar way. As I illuminate an object with light a visual change occurs which either makes the physical properties of the object appear as a different medium or it brings out structural qualities in the objects that are otherwise hidden. It means these qualities and properties are only present while light is. When I work with sunlight, there is a limitation in terms of the total absence of sunlight or the wait for the natural progression of the day as the sun moves across space. Although I find it informative to work with this challenge I also look at ways to trick it. One way is to document it in photography, which I have been doing, the other is in film, which this project allows me to learn into. For the Bursary, I proposed to learn a new skill in editing by attending a short course over the summer in 2018, record my footage and experiment with the medium I am now introducing to my practice. Alongside expanding my practice I also received mentoring with an arts professional to refine the language I use with my work including statements and CVs, and to move towards gaining representation in the arts. In the upcoming posts I am going to talk about the steps I took and the different works I have made and am making.

Image: Mundane no XXX; 2017

cotton fine art archival paper mounted on dibond
42 x 62cm