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The first week’s exhibition is packed away (but available to buy in the gallery shop)

The second exhibition is by Philip Ryland and it is a Retrospective of his current work. Philip sent me 10 paintings, each 95 x 63mm. They are all mounted on foam board so stand proud of the cardboard walls which makes them look more like they are canvas over a stretcher.

Photo By Philip Ryland

Gallery layout for multiple works

I mounted the paintings low to the ground, thinking of a cats eye level but in future I may provide seating platforms that are elevated because cats can jump! I’d never considered eye level in exhibiting before, that is another gift that the Tiny Cat Gallery has given me; the chance to think about different ways of looking at artwork.

The gallery is as brightly lit as I can make it, with a long bench in the centre of the room. I am using 3 anglepoise lamps with thin paper taped over them to diffuse the light. The lights are the brightest I had in the house, one is actually a grow light so the colours are a little on the yellow side.

Philip Ryland – Retrospective preview event

Further expansion of the Tiny Cat Gallery

I spent some time on Sunday linking the new Facebook page up to the Shopify Lite account. It wouldn’t link up without Facebook and even then, since Facebook have changed things around, it won’t let me install the shop. It is early days yet. I looked into using Printful for merch too.