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Day 4 Engaging with the space

Engaging with the unfamiliar space. Creating in the unfamiliar space. Noticing the different lighting system & the shadows it creates. Noticing the different traffic sounds from my home studio. Hearing  strangers chatting in other studio spaces. Variety of people passing […]

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A guide for new curators 

Juan Bolivar, an artist and curator, explores the history and practice of curating, and provides ten key questions for independent curators and artists to help guide you in developing your first exhibitions. Bolivar’s painting practice runs parallel to his curating practice; first initiating TRAILER (2001-05) – an artist collective utilising temporary locations to stage exhibitions – and since, going on to curate over 40 exhibitions as an independent curator.

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Proposals: exhibitions in galleries

Proactively seeking out opportunities to realise exhibitions and projects is an important strategy in the arts. Adam Smythe, Curator at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, gives some advice on the best methods of approaching galleries with exhibition proposals for your own work or for curatorial projects.

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Resource Guide

Approaching galleries

Jennie Syson offers some advice on approaching galleries, through setting out the different research routes and methods you might use.

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Friday + Saturday

Fri. 17 May Arrive at 8 pm as dusk settles over the small, neat and very new airport at Plovdiv, the air smells hot and a chain of mountains crouch in the distance. P. greets me, she is keen and […]

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Exhibition of large paintings

Any advice on the best galleries/exhibitions where large paintings of an abstract nature would be accommadated i.e. 2.4 X 1.2 metre would be appreciated.

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Galleries & Artists in Miami

As part of my time in Miami, I wanted to spend more time connecting with galleries and artists. On one of my first days there, I was invited to an evening at The Fountainhead Residency which is where I was […]

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Event Festival

132 ART BUS Open day events

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  • Venue:
    132 stagecoach gold bus route & BaseArts Studios Taffs Well, Huwdale & Workers Gallery Ynyshir
  • Date:
    March 09, 2018 at 11:00 AM
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