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Switch House, Tate Modern
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Visits and reviews

An occasional series of informal, casual reports of my visits to exhibitions and other art events. I am not aiming to provide a review, only to log my thoughts as honestly as I can.

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Silent Spaces views of the exhibition

Some images of the ‘Silent Spaces’ exhibition a couple of days before the private view. Lighting and fine tuning still to do, but almost there. Final hang used 24 pieces. Opens 16th April. Show curated by Alan Kluckow at Alan […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

The Swedish tax system requires that all companies complete regular VAT returns.  In the UK I was self-employed rather than a company and had an income well below the VAT threshold.  Where as here I am an ‘Enskild firma’ – […]

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Is there a secret knock?

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here   I do know that I have written before about the secrecy surrounding “getting  work in a proper gallery”. I do think that things are getting better… processes are more transparent than they once were, […]

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“Interpretation should never tell us what to see, think, or feel”

In The Interpretation Matters Handbook, a-n contributor Dany Louise brings together a variety of voices from the visual arts to discuss the thorny and important subject of gallery interpretation and ‘artspeak’. In an extract from the book, Simon Martin, director of Pallant House Gallery, Chichester explains the organisation’s approach to accessible and informative text.

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