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So I’ve done more thinking about where work is going and there are two choices: I could make a series as in photography, or settle on one direction to focus on. At the moment, a series seems to be the best way to collect together the ideas. The current episode of the series is looking at the ways in which Neo and Modern woman differ, and how they are similar. The ‘day in the life’ format we used as a devising tool has been useful to underline the similarities and makes the material very accessible. So the plan is to use that to show the work in progress at the end of the dig.
Many of the differences are superficial, and are the outcome of different technology with which we organise our lives. These technologies are embodied in the objects and tools which surround us. Contemporary objects often have little obvious connection to the earth, despite the fact that they are all derived from the earth’s products, with varying amounts of human intervention.
This absence of an indication of their source encourages us to behave as if, not only are these objects not of the earth, but we are not of the earth either: they separate us from it.