I was particularly interested in working with Darren Ellis because of his work, his interest in how movement is influenced and determined by circumstances, and his enthusiasm for working with other people from a range of disciplines. Examples include From the Waist Up , a solo performance developed in collaboration with writer Rick Bland, compose Russel Paye, lighting designer Lee Curran, and Escape artist Ros Walker. A Place Prize commission in 2010, the work explores freedom of speech and the freedom to move. Visit http://www.darrenellisdance.co.uk/from-the-waist-up.html

Reassemble is another fantastic work which was commissioned by the BBC and made with animator Felipe Alcada. See https://vimeo.com/26103604


The idea of working with a web of elastic emerged from work that I developed during my M.A. in Fine Art at Norwich University for the Arts.

By setting up circumstances that challenged my physical ability to move I instigated a personal investigation into how we constrict and limit ourselves and how the social, familial, domestic and political environments place limitations. These works are about the individual in the context of society and the community. They represent the struggle for fulfilment and self-expression, of finding our way out – often of our own preconceptions and prejudices – but also those imposed on us by others. I aimed to create  an empathetic response amongst viewers and a sense of involvement in that expression of needs and desires incited by what cannot be obtained, by what is beyond reach.

Unentitled, 2012
Movement confined in a shallow box designed for a monitor view here.

still from film, looped sequence 12′

Unentitled (installation), 2011
Movement confined in a shallow box, continuous looped film projected on the floor in a dark space view here.

still from film projected on the floor, looped sequence 12′

Born Equal, 2011
Movement constrained by a neoprene body suit with tied arms, legs and blindfold, the struggling body making a drawing with conte, charcoal and graphite powder. The video can be viewed here.

still from film, 4’14”