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Our final Open Studio completed our research and development project. We had three film installations in three spaces, the work was there for four days for people to come in, look and talk about the work, and there was a two hour public discussion on the Thursday evening facilitated by dancer Kate Marsh.

We were pleased to find that the projections through installed elastic worked so well in a space other than my studio, and presenting Tea Break as a projected diptych was very successful. The figures were almost life size so people related to the action in a different way than when they were on a small scale. Visitors could sit and watch the work as they would a film and therefore they stayed longer, and the relationship between the action and the particular movements was clearer.

There was a high level of engagement with all of the work and the discussions have given us fantastic insights into how the work changes according to the presentation and context. They also demonstrated how viewers bring their own experience to the work, making a wide range of allusions but always within the core concepts we are working with.

This film provides an evaluative record of the installations at Metal and the public discussion.