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A few months ago I was invited by Kaavous Clayton to participate in a group exhibition exploring ideas around how space, places and territories are mapped through various methods in order to gain an understanding and perhaps an ownership of them. Kaavous outlined his ideas for the show:

To explore this I have been thinking about a range of artists who explore place in different ways:

  • Andrew Vass through drawing (hand and eye capturing, documenting and transferring an external object and fixing it)
  • Glen Jamieson through photography (capturing frozen moments of routes and pathways)
  • Phil Mill through sound (collecting sound at specific locations and repositioning them across time and space in the gallery)
  • Matthew Ferguson through film (documenting a route or pathway that is captured at a particular time, but if shown again in the future is recaptured in order to remove nostalgia and retain contemporary context and location)

 Alongside this group, I am exploring the idea of a different approach to exploring space that is more ephemeral and performative. 

It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to make new work in response to these ideas and for the specific spaces at The Minories.